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Round 1: Frequently Asked Questions

Round 1
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mini / big bang?
A big bang is a mini novella, around 10k or 20k, written by people from different bandoms, fandoms or original work. A mini bang is a smaller version of this challenge. It commonly involves a collaboration of writers, artists and / or mixers signing up to have their work completed by specified dates and then everyone posts.

How do I sign up?
When sign ups open, there will be a separate post for authors and artists to sign up for the challenge. There will also be a post welcoming people who want to participate by lending their services as alphas, betas, and cheerleaders!

General Information

What is the theme of this particular mini bang?
Adam Milligan, son of John Winchester and Kate Milligan, half-brother to Sam and Dean Winchester.

Who is running the show?
Your mods are synnerxx, ladyknightanka and _bluebells.

How can I contact you?
Leave a comment here, PM one of the mods, or email us at

What happens if I miss a deadline?
You will have 24 hours to contact one of us and then an additional 48 hours to turn in your piece. If you still have not contacted the mods within this time, you will be removed from the challenge.

Will you be archiving the Mini Bang submissions anywhere?
There will be a masterlist compiled at the end of the challenge rounding up all the stories and artwork. A collection on AO3 will also be available to post to.

Author FAQs

What is the minimum word count for story submissions?
The minimum word count is 5,000 words. There is no maximum limit.

Can my story have original characters?
Original characters are permitted as long as the story focuses on or revolves around Adam Milligan.

Is Real Person Fiction / Slash allowed?
Yes, RPF / RPS is permitted, but it must focus on or revolve around the actor who portrays Adam Milligan: Jake Abel.

If I finish it, can I submit a WIP I've been posting elsewhere?
No, the story must not be part of a work in progress. It must be new and able to stand on its own.

Can I submit a sequel to a story I've already posted?
Yes, as long as the new story can stand on its own.

Can I do a remix of another person's story if it hasn't been posted before, won't be a WIP, etc.?
No, the story needs to be original to you.

Can my story crossover or be a fusion with another fandom?
Yes, crossovers and fusions are allowed as long as your story focuses on or revolves around Adam Milligan.

Am I required to have a beta?
Yes. All stories are required to have a beta. If you don’t have one of your own, you can hit up one of the volunteer betas at our beta post.

Can an author turn in more than one story?
Yes, an author can turn in more than one story as long as each story meets the schedule of due dates for drafts and the final submission.

Can writers collaborate on a story?
Yes, multiple authors can collaborate on a story.

If I’m collaborating on a story, can I also submit my own individually?
Yes, if you’re involved in a collaboration, you can also submit your own story, but each must still obey the schedule of due dates.

Can I sign up as both an author and an artist?
Of course! Participants in the challenge are encouraged to sign up for as many roles as they would like (e.g. author, artist, alpha, beta, cheerleader), but please ensure you will realistically have the capacity.

Is there a minimum word requirement for the rough draft?
Your rough draft should be at least 4,000 words or 80% of your fic.

Can I post a soundtrack for my story?
Authors are more than welcome to post a soundtrack / fanmix with their story on their assigned posting date!

Can I post art that I or someone other than my artist has done when I post my story?
Additional art can only be posted after the posting round has finished. The purpose of the challenge is for the writer and the artist to collaborate.

Can I turn in my story before the deadline?
Sure! Email us your completed story anytime at

I’d rather f-lock my big bang story. Can I?
No. All story and art entries to the challenge must be posted unlocked and remain so for the masterlist round-up.

Artist FAQs

How do I know what I’m preparing art for?
Once all authors have turned in their rough drafts, the mods will put up a claims post. This post will include the summary, pairings (if any), and any warnings provided by the author. Once you have chosen the story you would like to create art for, stake your claim in the comments of that post and that story will be crossed off the list of available options.

Within 48 hours, you and your author will be emailed each other’s username and contact information.

What are the requirements for art?
You are required to create at least one piece of art. The type of art is up to you, e.g. drawing, painting, digital, manips, fanmix, fanvid, etc. We only ask that you put some time and effort into it, as the authors have. Minimum requirements follow:
+ Digital artwork: a) one 500 x 500 px piece, or b) two 300 x 300 px pieces
+ Fanvid: 1 minute
+ Fanmix: 10 songs and at least one piece of cover art

How do I make a claim on a story?
Claims are made on a first come, first served basis. If the story you want has already been claimed, we highly encourage you to consider choosing another one. The claims post of story summaries will go up in a members-only locked post. Artists will reply to this post and stake their claim in the comments; more information will be provided closer to the claims date. You must be a member of the community to stake a claim as an artist.

Can I sign up as both an author and an artist?
Of course! Participants in the challenge are encouraged to sign up for as many roles as they would like (e.g. author, artist, alpha, beta, cheerleader), but please ensure you will realistically have the capacity.

Can I post my artwork on my own journal / somewhere else before my posting date?
You can post your artwork on a private entry to your own journal in preparation, but it must not be shared publicly there or anywhere else before your assigned posting date.

I finished my artwork early! Can I send it in?
Absolutely! To check-in and let us know you’re all done, send it to us at

Can I f-lock my artwork?
No. All stories and artwork must be posted in public entries and remain public for the masterlist round-up.

What happens if the number of authors and artists participating don’t match?
There will be several rounds of claiming to ensure every story has an artist. In the event that there are more stories than artists, we will allow artists to make a second claim. If the inverse is true, we may open up stories to be claimed a second time to allow for more than one artist to be assigned. The intent of the challenge is to provide for everyone who wants to participate.

Schedule Information

What is the schedule for the Adam Milligan Mini Bang 2012?
Sign-Ups Open: February 1st - April 14th, 2012
Checkpoint #1: February 11th, 2012
Checkpoint #2: March 10th, 2012
Checkpoint #3: April 14th, 2012
Author Rough Drafts Due: May 14th, 2012
Summaries Posted / Artist Claiming: May 18th, 2012
Posting Schedule Goes Up: May 25th, 2012
Checkpoint #4: June 16th, 2012
Artist Rough Drafts Due: June 29th, 2012
Checkpoint #5: July 14th, 2012
* Fics and Art Due: July 23rd, 2012
Posting Starts: August 1st, 2012

* To avoid leaving an artist or author in the lurch, this is the final guarantee that everyone will be ready to roll on time.

What is a checkpoint?
Checkpoints are not mandatory. They are an opportunity for authors and artists to gauge their own progress, share their experiences, commiserate, and cheerlead one another to the finish line!

Is there a checkpoint for artists?
Artists will have the opportunity to check in with everyone else at the fourth and fifth rounds.

What should my rough draft look like?
We need to be able to verify, within reason, that everyone will be able to post on their assigned date.

For authors: Your rough draft should be at least 4,000 words or 80% of your fic.
For artists: Your rough draft needs to demonstrate that you already have an art concept in development, and we ask artists to include a few words about their plans for it.

If this is only a mini bang, why are you providing so much time?
As the inaugural challenge for the Adam Milligan / Winchester community, we wanted to give people the flexibility to produce something large or small within a generous timeframe to reduce the pressure of participating.

What if I’m not sure I’ll finish my story?
If you are unsure you will be able to finish your story when it’s time to turn in your rough draft, let us know and you can still send in your story ‘unofficially’. This means your story will not go into the claims post, but if you are able to finish by your assigned date, let us know ASAP and we’ll do our best to find you an artist from our pool of pinch hitters.

What if I need to drop out of the challenge?
Before rough drafts are due, there will be a post where people can register their need to drop out. Comments will be screened.

Posting Guidelines

Posting for all stories and art begins on 1 August.

The author and artist should publish their story in a single post using the following header proforma. For a preview of how it will look, see further down.

The subject of your post to the community should follow the following format:

Title (Rating, Word Count) / e.g. And I will try to fix you (PG, 500 words)

You can post at any time on your scheduled day, so coordinate with your partner to ensure both fic and art masterposts will be available at the time you post to the community.

If posting a sample of your art with the fic header to the community (and we highly recommend that you do), whether the art precedes or follows the header is up to the team posting.

If you have any last questions about your posting date or the challenge, leave us a comment here or contact us at

Title: (AO3 / DW / Insert other here)
Genre: (Gen, het, slash, femmeslash)
Pairing(s) / Character(s):
Word Count:

Fic Masterpost / Art Masterpost

If you have additional questions to ask, please feel free to leave your query in the comments below or by contacting one of the mods.
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