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Adam Milligan Mini Bang
He's a Winchester. He's Already Cursed.
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18th-Sep-2012 11:04 pm - Round One - 2012 Masterlist
stock :: sleeping in
Wrapping up the inaugural Adam Milligan Mini Bang, on behalf of the mods, I want to thank all the artists, authors, alphas, betas, cheerleaders and readers for playing nicely, for encouraging each other and making this a collaboration instead of a simple challenge, which is the real mark of a great community.

It's been an honour being your mods, enjoy the masterlist!

Adam Milligan Mini Bang - 2012 MasterlistCollapse )
Adam? I'd bang him.

Title: Break the Chains Around Your Broken Heart
Rating: Worksafe
Author: guardiancastiel
Artist: lady_astrild
Genre: Slash
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Jake Abel/Jensen Ackles, Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins (past), Richard Speight Jr., Jared Padalecki, Rachel Miner
Notes: Alas, guardiancastiel was unable to finish her fantastic fic--but it hasn't been abandoned, so stay tuned for it!
Summary: After coming out of a horrible four year relationship, Jensen doesn't have very much confidence in himself or his love life. When he meets Jake, a nineteen-year-old Best Buy employee and college student, he finds some hope and courage within himself to begin dating again. But the ghost of boyfriend past has him questioning his worth and jeopardizing his new relationship.

Art Masterpost / Fic Masterpost (unavailable)


Title: Like the Wings of a Hummingbird (AO3 / DW)
Rating: Explicit
Author: lady_astrild
Artist: cashay
Beta: _bluebells and cosmo_naught
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Adam/Michael
Word Count: 29,000
Summary: In a world where vessels are rare and necessary treasures for powerful mages, serving boy Adam finds his world turned upside down when he's called forth to take his half-brother's place as vessel and bondmate to Michael, Archmage of Water. Will this be the doom Adam expects it to be? Will the bond even take? And, for the love of the gods, will anybody ever tell him why it's so vital that he begin submitting to the bond practically before he even shakes off the dust from travel?

Fic Masterpost / Art Masterpost

23rd-Aug-2012 11:25 pm - Little Taste of Heaven [PG-13, 8120]
Title: Little Taste of Heaven (AO3)
Rating: PG-13
Artist: Emma 
Beta: neonaxelgrease
Genre: Slash, Alternate Universe
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Adam/Michael, Adam/Other, Sam/Jess, Kate/John, Bobby/Ellen, Dean, Anna, Castiel
Warnings: Age Difference (17 years), religious themes
Word Count: 8,120
Notes: Priest!Michael fic, family bonding, baseball, time skips. My muse kicked my ass with this one, less than NWFT but still. All mistakes and general crappiness are my own for this one.
Summary: Sixteen year old Adam Milligan-Winchester wasn't expecting to get the hots for the new priest at his church but Father Michael ends up being too much for Adam to ignore. Having a crush on your priest certainly makes life a bit difficult. Falling in love is even worse.
22nd-Aug-2012 06:49 pm - No World For Tomorrow [R, 11,249]
Title: No World For Tomorrow (AO3)
Rating: R
Author: grlkat2
Artist: dollarformyname
Beta: crusaderangel(Angela - underpromiseoverdeliver.tumblr.com)
Genre: Slash, Alternate Universe - Canon
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Adam/Michael, Bela, Bobby, Castiel, Crowley, Dean, Lucifer, Rafael, Sam
Warnings: Semi-graphic torture, language, dark!Adam, hurt!Michael
Word Count: 11,249
Notes: Hell!fic that deviates from 6.19 with multiple character deaths. The way that time works in Hell is something that I played with for a bit so that the damage to Adam and Michael's psyche were more understandable. One earth month = 10 Hell years = 100 Cage years. This essentially makes the whole time from when they fell in the pit in 2010 until the start of season 6 to be almost two thousand years, roughly. They're just not happy campers in the Cage.
Summary: Adam’s been stuck in the Cage this whole time, barely given a thought by his brothers. When the self-proclaimed ‘King of Hell’ Crowley swings on by with an offer to get him out in exchange for ‘cooperation’, Adam figures the only way to go is up.
21st-Aug-2012 07:53 am - The Only Way is Up (Teen, 5804)
evil (misunderstood) evil
Title: The Only Way is Up (AO3)
Rating: Teen +
Author: windowthief
Artist: chosenfire28
Beta: Alex (conversewearingdetective.tumblr.com)
Genre: (Gen, het, slash, femmeslash) Gen
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Adam Milligan, Bela Talbot
Warnings: Violence, gore, torture, insanity
Word Count: 5804
Notes: Thanks to everybody who helped me get this done, including the lovely mods for being so supportive when repeated computer problems were throwing me off schedule and also to chosenfire28 for being epic and making the most amazing art despite not seeing a completed version of the fic until the very last moment. Also to Alex for being a fabulous beta, any mistakes are probably me ignoring good advice or insisting upon changing things about at the last minute.
Summary: Falling into hell was Adam's destiny, what happens next is up to him. The cage was never designed to hold humans. But Adam was never a hunter and his experience as an archangel meat-suit has left him in no condition to find an escape or beat the demons on their own turf. If Adam wants to escape he's going to need all of his strength and whatever help he can get.

Fic Masterpost / Art Masterpost
Title: Every Boy Should Have Two Things
Rating: PG-13
Author: ladyknightanka
Artist: rattyjol
Beta: nights_fang
Genre: AU, Gen, kidfic, family
Warnings: Mild language, some violence, vague spoilers for 5.16: Dark Side of the Moon and 4.19: Jump the Shark.
Word Count: ~15k
Notes: This fic is an AU of Sam's anecdote in Dark Side of the Moon, about running away to Six Flags as a kid. Instead of making it there, Sam ends up at the Milligans'. Thank you to my lovely artist and fellow mods. Also, to nights_fang for both betaing this, and giving me the original concept.
Summary: In retrospect, it's not really Six Flags, with its tacky rides, bad food and creepy mascots, that thirteen year old Sam wants so badly, enough to run away. It's normalcy, an apple-pie life. When he's deterred in Windom, Minnesota, and put into the custody of emergency room nurse Kate Milligan, he gets not only that, but a chance to experience having a mother and being a big brother to Kate's seven year old son, Adam.
SPN - Michael/Adam
Title: The Ghost and His Keeper (AO3)
Rating: Teen
Author: nights_fang / inked_insanity (writing and fic journal)
Artist: shadownashira
Beta: chaos_dreaming
Genre: Slash. Gen. Alternate Universe - Canon
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Adam Milligan/Michael. Gabriel. Raphael. OC
Warnings: Violence - Canon Typical. Mild Violence. Mentions of mental torture. Possible psycholohical issues as well. Mentions of sex. (I'm being safe here)
Word Count: 16,989
Notes: Thanking the mods ladyknightanka, _bluebells, and synnerxx for being so supportive. My artist shadownashira for dealing with me. And chaos_dreaming for beta-ing. You all are wonderful people.
Summary: Adam gets out of Hell with no memories of how it happened. He won't question it though. No use in questioning a good thing. Instead, he's going to go right back to trying to get his life on track and leading as normal a life as possible. Except, since for some reason, the Universe hates him, he ends up being haunted. By Michael.

Fic Masterpost (Writing Journal) / Art Masterpost
17th-Aug-2012 10:30 pm - Rookie Reap (NC-17, 5,013)
moon of blindness
Title: Rookie Reap
Rating: NC-17
Beta: outside source
Genre: Het
Pairing(s): Adam/Tessa
Warnings: Junk food junkie inducing cravings
Word Count: 5,013
Notes: In script format
Summary: Death rescues Adam from the cage to be a Reaper.

Fic Masterpost / Art Masterpost
15th-Aug-2012 11:51 am - The Day After The World Ends
Title: The Day After The World Ends
Rating: R
Genre: (Gen, het, slash, femmeslash): AU, Gen
Pairing(s) / Character(s): Adam, Castiel, Sam, Lucifer, Michael
Warnings: Angst, Drama, Violence,
Word Count: 19 249
Notes: I'd like to thank my awesome artist sanadafaye who not only has infinite patience but also is capable of seeing more of my writing than me and, secondly, my lovely friend midnights_blues who survives my whining outside of LJ and is, as always, there to help when I need her most. Thank you to both!

Summary: After the End of the World Adam Milligan is left to pick up the pieces of Sam Winchester's decisions. As he struggles to survive living with Michael, Lucifer and the brother he has grown to despise for condemning him to this new special torture, he finds himself battling family issues older than Creation itself and searching for a way to make the situation he has found himself in work. And if he fails, there is more at stake than the death of the only friend he has made in this strange new world.

Fic Masterpost / Art Masterpost
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